DESCRIPTION The electric bike with its Shimano 6 gears, is perfect for routes on roads with different levels of difficulty and has a reliable and dynamic gear that can adapt to the large slopes of the road. Incredibly light and smart design, only 22 kg smart foldable so you can easily transport the MX2 by train, bus or car. SPECIFICATION Motor: 250 W Speed: 25 km / h Battery: 7.8 AH Range: 25–35 km Colour: Black SHIPPING: Free shipping in Sweden MX2 EXPO is delivered on EU-Pall with home delivery. SALE: Delivery in mid-March 2021. Place your order today, only when the product is delivered to you does Ecoglider complete the order and payment at SVEA Finans.

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Ready for adventure

A smarter choice for those who need a small electric bike with a lot of power. With the large 20” tires, you get a stable and comfortable transportation both in the city and in the country.

Powerful engine and Shimano gears

Here you get a strong 250W motor that is adapted together with a fast-shifting Shimano gear. Now you can focus more on just sliding than pedaling hard and shifting hard.

Foldable design

Foldable design both in handlebars and frame allows you to easily bring the bike in the car, boat or on the train. Folded, the MX2 is only 66cm high, 82cm long and 41cm wide.

LCD Display

Clear indicator for speed, charge, gear, time and distance.

Removable Battery

You can easily remove the battery and charge at home or on the go. You lock the battery with a key so that you can feel safe that no unauthorized person can start your electric bike.


You can drive safely and securely in the evening and at night with the included LED front and rear.


Article no EBMX2EXPOBL
Klassifikation  Cykel med elassistans
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Engine location Bakhjul
Engine power  250W
Reach (estimated)*  25-35 km
Reach (max)**  40 km
Battery (power)  36V, 7.8AH
Battery (type)  Lithium-Ion
Battery (location)  Portabelt och utbytbart
Battery (life cycle) Upp till 600 laddningar
Battery (charge time)  4-6 h
Frame Aluminium
Shock absorption Saknar
Weels City & Road
Tire size  CTS 20″x1.75
Breaks (front)  Mekanisk, skivbroms
Breaks (back) Mekanisk, skivbroms
Load capacity 110 kg
Sadle Comfort
Light (front)  Inbyggt LED
Light (back)  Inbyggt LED
Water resistant Vattentät
Display  LCD färg
Size (driving mode) Höjd: 95cm Längd: 152cm Bredd: 52cm
Size (folded)  Höjd: 66cm Längd:82cm Bredd: 41cm
Weight 22 kg
Other 6 växlad Shimano, Nav från Prowheel, Kedja från KMC Z8.3, Pakethållare ingår, Låsbart batteri
warranty 1 year
Reach (estimated)*  The estimated range varies by several factors. Among other things, what level of assistance is set, the driving style of the driver, the ground, slope, maximum load, wind resistance, temperature and what capacity the battery has at the time.
Räckvidd (max)**  The maximum range shows the cover that can be run in optimal conditions and surfaces.


Download  EBIKE RS4 HERO – MANUAL (F) Declaration of Conformity  EBIKE RS4 HERO – DoC (F)

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