The coolest fat bike in a sporty model with a foldable design. Here you get a powerful quality battery with Samsung cells, LCD display in color, 6-speed Shimano box and a very quiet Puyuan 250 W motor. Simply the dream for you who want to cruise forward with a stable and safe road feel. The solid all-terrain tires allow you to get around on all types of surfaces and you get up to a full 70 km on a single charge. Hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear make you feel safe even at higher speeds. With both folding handlebars and folding center frame, you can easily pack the bike with you on the trip. You can easily charge the removable battery at home by unlocking it from the electric bike with the included key.

Motor: 250 W
Speed: 25 km / h
Battery: 14.5 AH
Range: 40-60 km
Colour: Black

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Aluminum rims

A detail that enhances the whole feeling of the already sporty look of the electric bike. With the large 20” tires, you get a stable and comfortable transportation both in the city and in the country.

Hydraulic brakes

Efficient and safe brakes driven by a hydraulic pump instead of muscle power. With front and rear disc brakes, you can feel safe even at higher speed.

Foldable design

Foldable design both in handlebars and frame allows you to easily bring the bike in the car, boat or on the train.

Big display

RS4 HERO comes with a new larger color display with a clear indicator for speed, charge, gear, time and distance.

Removable Battery

You can easily remove the battery and charge at home or on the go. You lock the battery with a key so that you can feel safe that no unauthorized person can start your electric bike.

Product data

Article no
Classification Bicycle with electric assistance
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Engine location Rear wheels
Engine power  250W
Reach (estimated)*  40-60 km
Reach (max)**  70 km
Battery (power)  48V, 14,5AH
Battery (type)  Lithium-Ion
Battery (location)  Portable and interchangeable
Battery (life cycle) Up to 700 charches
Battery (charging time)  6-9 h
Frame Aluminum
Shock absorption Hydraulic front shock absorber
Weels Wide all-round on aluminum rims
Tire size  CTS 20″x4.0
Breaks (front)  Hydraulic, disc brake
Breakes(back) Hydraulic, disc brake
Load capacity 110 kg
Saddle Sport
Light (front)  Built-in LED
Light (back)  Removable LED
Waterproof Waterproof
Display  LCD color
Size (driving mode) Height: 125cm Length: 170cm Width: 58cm
Size (folded)  Height: 76cm Length:95cm Width: 45cm
Weight 29 kg
Other 7 speed Shimano, Hub from Prowheel, Chain from KMC Z8.3, Package holder included, Lockable battery
Warranty 1 year
Reach (estimated)*  The estimated range varies by several factors. Among other things, what level of assistance is set, the driving style of the driver, the ground, slope, maximum load, wind resistance, temperature and what capacity the battery has at the time.
Reach (max)**  The maximum range shows the cover that can be run in optimal conditions and surfaces.



Declaration of Conformity  EBIKE RS4 HERO – DoC (F)